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Your Mindful Leadership Impact

“Leadership influence starts from the inside out. No expensive suit, pair of shoes or high-end pen is going to make up for a lack of dignity, listening skills, grace, strategic ability, empathy and refinement. No expensive handbag or accessory will substitute for integrity, charity, patience, humility, positivity and character. I begin by working with you as you are right now – your self-awareness and self-management, your effectiveness, and personal alignment with your business or organization’s mission, values, and goals. I focus on improving interpersonal relationships and connection. Finally, I design a custom program for you to achieve measurable results. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Every day is opening night for your company and your career.

Mary Lee is the Keynote Speaker on Mindful Leadership and Your Mindset Shif

Mary Lee is the Keynote Speaker on Mindful Leadership and Your Mindset Shift sponsored by ABC and Fox at Omni Bedford Springs Resort Women in Business Conference.

“A report in the Harvard Business Review May 2014 issue revealed that 80% of leaders do not have a strong individual purpose. Knowing that only 30% of the U.S. workforce is engaged in their work, according to the latest Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, how can you engage, retain and grow an effective business or workforce when you aren’t even sure why you are doing it? The mindful impact of your influence is the single most important developmental task you will undertake as a leader. Your purpose and how you influence is your brand, what drives you, what you’re known for. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it and why. It’s your signature – the strengths and passions you bring to the table no matter where you are seated. It is your identity – the essence of who you are.  It is what is uniquely you and others miss when you are not there. I help you mindfully position yourself to enthuse a movement so that you achieve mindful transformational success.” ~ Mary Lee Gannon

How do you know if you are a good client for a leadership influence program with Mary Lee?
  • You are smart and good at many things but lack mindful strategy to be effective. You’ve lost time, energy and money trying different ways to improve yet you still don’t have clarity or the results you want.
  • Your see yourself in the same place in a year as you are right now. Doubt and lack of strategy hold you back from your mindful impact for sustainable results. You want to trust the process but why should you? Nothing has worked.
  • You are not willing to live on the ‘get more’ treadmill to nowhere any longer only to face the letdown of unmet expectations. You want to build self-awareness so that you have can turn off the fear spigot that keeps spewing out more-of-the-same and open the window to innovation, acceptance, success and healthy connections.
  • Your industry is changing and you see cutbacks as the only solution.  There may be another way yet strategic positioning is stagnant. Employees are frustrated and overwhelmed. Innovation is stifled by stress, lack of mindful time management and poor communication, conflict resolution skills, productivity and engagement.
  • You have good employees but lack the productivity, engagement or culture to champion transformation. The company’s mission and vision are not palpable. You sense negative energy generating disengagement, bureaucracy, personal agendas, interdepartmental disconnect, lack of accountability, defensive and guarded communication, and posturing.
  • Your new managers or emerging leaders are very good at their specific specialty but are learning that their employees don’t share their perspective. You end up doing their work. These leaders need help to develop a mindful leadership influence and strong management skills.
  • You have the money for what has already cost you time, money, sales, productivity, engagement, business, happiness, love. And you recognize that a transformational shift takes more than the band-aid of a one-dimensional coach, philosophy or program.