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What are the bottom line takeaways from Leadership Development and a presentation by Mary Lee?

  1. First your audience wakes up from false assumptions to eliminate the head trash that holds them back from their leadership impact.
  2. Secondly, she shows them how to be self-aware, grow confidence and establish the presence necessary to influence decisions.
  3. Third, she walks them through the action steps for a clear line-of-sight and in particular how to position their unique value to enthuse a movement.
  4. And ultimately your people generate their own Leadership Influence Signature to knock on the door of success and step inside to innovation instead of waiting on the front porch for an invitation.

Why Get Leadership Influence Direction from Mary Lee?

Because your team can’t hear the right message from their stakeholders, address what’s at the heart of their needs or execute effectively when they are on autopilot. Complacency is where innovation takes a back seat to routine, where listening is not hearing, where discomfort spurs retreat to a holding pattern versus a breakthrough to reinvention.

Mary Lee works with a team of managers on mindful communication and conflict resolution.

Mary Lee works with a team of managers on mindful communication and conflict resolution.

Mary Lee works with a team of managers on mindful communication and conflict resolution.

 Your Mindful Leadership Takeaways:

  • You want to motivate, not dictate.
  • You are an executive who needs to get more from your team with less.
  • You need goals, accountability, and measurable performance improvement.
  • Your organization needs a presentation that will inspire greater productivity and reward for the audience with practical application.
  • Your team is not sure what to do next.
  • Your employees need a system that matters to them to get the To-Do list To-Done.
  • You need to define your ideal customer and a plan to target them to action.
  • You lead a non-profit organization that needs strategy or board direction.

Areas of Expertise: 

Keynote Speeches / Executive Coaching / Employee Engagement / Strategic Vision & Planning / Management Development / Goal Setting / Productivity / Executive Presence Training / Five & Ten-Year Plans / Management & Healthcare Consulting / Workshops / Webinars / Board Development / Public Relations / Meeting Facilitation / Leadership Development.

What Changes in your Organization:

  • You identify the key challenge that is holding you and your team back and have strategy to move forward.
  • You mindfully listen and communicate in a way that influences a change in behavior.
  • Your leaders understand how to coach for long term high performance as opposed to managing for the moment.
  • You facilitate effective meetings that generate measurable solutions.
  • Your employees are dedicated to the vision and productivity soars.
  • You host a Vision Retreat that results in a mission, vision, values and strategic plan.
  • You no longer carry the stress of knowing you think like an executive but others perceive you with anger or a lack of empathy, carriage, poise, diction, appropriate attire, eloquence, confidence, manners, grooming or executive presence.
  • You get better speed to market, innovation, and results.
  • You don’t get commoditized or price valued to death.
  • You let go of the anxiety of knowing that an unmanaged personality trait can bubble up and hinder the perception of your true value.
  • You have a public relations strategy that targets your niche, message, and audience.
  • You create a world-class culture that produces great teams, delivers measurable results and breeds customer loyalty.
  • You establish boundaries to reduce interruptions and elevate productivity.
  • You transform the work experience from struggle and fire-fighting to independent responsibility and strategy.
  • You cultivate a sphere of influence that brings results.