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Executive Coaching for Leaders

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE coaches executives and professionals to develop their unique Leadership Impact. Many of Mary Lee’s clients are national and international and are coached via telephone or teleconference. You may need to:

  • Gain higher level clients
  • Focus, prioritize and plan better
  • Transform doubts, fears and head trash
  • Enjoy healthier relationships
  • Build a stronger team
  • Close more business
  • Build confidence
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Get a higher level position or promotion
  • Move to the next level in their career or personal life
  • Polish your executive presence
  • Take the next step

Mindful Leadership – Mindfulness is a non-judgmental awareness of one’s self, including awareness of perceptions, sensations, thoughts and emotions. As a non-judgmental process, mindful awareness involves an acceptance of what is. If you are mindful, you are focused, self-aware, think clearly, have confidence and executive presence.

Mindful executive coaching with Mary Lee.

What happens when you are not a mindful, authentic and self-aware leader? 

  • Worthiness comes into question
  • Guilt and shame set in
  • Expectations take over
  • Confidence declines
  • You fear change
  • Become defensive, resentful, jealous,
  • Seek perfection
  • You shut down to stop pain and realize other emotions shut off too
  • Feel like you don’t fit in or belong
  • You start to compare and judge
  • Avoid joy because it won’t last
  • Forget what gratitude feels like
  • Have a hard time moving on
  • Over-function – stay busy because you think that’s productive
  • You’re stuck

How do you get unstuck?

You become mindful of your thoughts and change your patterns. Mindfulness means LEANING IN at the exact time when in the past you would have turned away. It means finding traction when previously you didn’t have sure footing and busied yourself with unproductive work.

How does this help you be a leader at work?

  • You are more aware of your behavior and how it affects others. You are productive not just busy, detached  or overwhelmed.
  • You are confident. You know you are talented, engaging, and compassionate because you lean in with curiosity as opposed to turning away in fear when noticing something in the way of your effectiveness.
  • When you feel the urge to pull away from closing a deal, sale or anything other challenge that makes you uncomfortable, you notice your behavior and replace the routine of turning away with a new personal tactic that brings you the results you want.
  • You achieve both personally and professionally because you have humility without compromising ambition.  You set the bar high without ego in the equation.
  • People are drawn to you. They want to buy from you, meet with you, follow your lead, listen to what you say, do business with you, be with you. They trust your confidence – your informed perspective because you know you have something to offer. You don’t doubt that you are good enough.
  • Your team in motivated to follow your lead because they respect your genuineness.
  • You don’t worry that you might react badly in a meeting, sales situation or presentation because you accept what is. You think quickly and smart because you do not take things personally.
  • Your vision is far beyond what you previously imagined because you have no limits.

How does this help with your personal life?

  • You don’t feel threatened or rejected by constructive feedback.
  • You lean into vulnerability at the exact time you would typically lean away from it – when anxiety and fear creep up. You accept that you are not perfect and that’s ok.
  • You involve yourself cooperatively without ego.
  • You listen better and become a better friend, colleague, team members and partner.
  • You are more likeable.
  • You feel that you are “enough.”
  • You belong wherever you are and in whatever you are doing

Most of Mary Lee’s clients are national and are coached via telephone.