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Mindful Leadership Impact Programs for Executives, Teams, and Individuals

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE

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What are the bottom line takeaways from Leadership Development and a presentation by Mary Lee?

Mary Lee’s custom one-on-one Leadership Impact Coaching Programs and Keynote Speeches / Leadership Training / Executive Coaching Programs help great workers become great leaders so their managers can go back to what they do best and these strong leaders can be effective. Mary Lee helps executives, managers, individuals and teams have breakthrough impact (listening skills, self-regulation, empathy and strategy). Great workers don’t become great mindful leaders on their own.

Sometimes you get to a point where heaviness replaces drive and you keep working harder yet nothing changes. But when you slow down you run into thoughts you want to avoid. There are mindsets, practices, phases of your business, personal life and relationships that should come to an end to open up the space for the next one. Mary Lee helps you unplug things whose time has passed to allow for the energetic burst of innovation that propels you forward. The lesson? Good cannot begin until bad ends. And if you are stuck – burdensome mediocrity and more-of-the-same are bad. You wouldn’t advise a friend to sit idle.

You have never gone through a door as big as this one.

Mary Lee starts with listening deeply to your concerns and creates a system to provide measurable results that align with personal or performance goals. She does this with a variety of tools depending on the situation:

  • Comprehensive Needs/Gap Analysis
  • Root Cause of the Factors Effecting the Performance Gap
  • Alignment of Business, Performance and Capability Goals
  • Analysis of the Employee Demographics and Engagement
  • Defining the Value Proposition and Metric of Effectiveness
  • Building the Leadership Blueprint and Desired Takeaways
  • Evaluate and Measure the Positive Impact and Next Steps

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Our clients already have great employees. Their leaders just need help to:

  • Engage employees to be top performers
  • Communicate for better trust, buy-in and performance
  • Resolve conflict in the moment and minimize stress
  • Become mindful listeners, problem solvers and leaders
  • Build emotional intelligence to connect with constituents
  • Build thriving and collaborative teams
  • Project executive presence and confidence that builds trust
  • Be gender, generation, style, religion and ethnic intelligent
  • Coach vs manage to enthuse movement
  • Retain your investment in your talent
  • Lead change with poise, sophistication and authenticity
  • Influence negotiations with power and grace
  • Collaborate with accountability

Leadership Development Competencies:

  • Laser focus that shuts off distractions so you can hear innovation.
  • Fine-tuned values, strengths and mission – character definition.
  • Self-management from calm to crisis that comes from mindful self-awareness.
  • Open communication that invites feedback, collaboration and alignment for ground breaking results.
  • Confidence that breaks through your comfort zone, shifts your approach, and delivers what’s not been done!

Your Mindful Leadership Impact Plan

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE.

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE.

You Need a Clear Line of Sight
Priority Development
Strategic Planning
Values and Purpose Development
Accountability Metrics
360 Evaluations
Board Development
Executive Presence Training
Engagement, productivity, loyalty
Deliver big picture transformation
Empathy and conflict resolution
More confidence
Increased emotional intelligence
Eliminate doubt
Discover authenticity
Your Leadership Impact Plan

Presentation Topics

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE presenting on Negotiating.

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE presenting on Negotiating.

The 10 Laws of Communications
The Conflict Resolution Toolkit
Effective Negotiations
Reprogram Your Head Trash
Leadership – Discovering the Innermost You
A To-Do List that Gets To-Done
Dining and Business Etiquette
Killer Meeting Facilitation
Your Executive Presence
Employee and Company Purpose
Your Ideal Client/Customer
The Fear that Runs Your Life
Yourself from the Victim-Bully-Rescuer Trio
Six Steps to Mindful Stress Relief
Stop the Sabotage! Why Women Avoid Success
(and many more…)

Mary Lee has a unique perspective as a mindful executive coach and strategist: She went from welfare to CEO of organizations worth up to $26 million.

Geography does not deter reinvention. Individual clients from across the U.S. are coached via telephone.  Corporate training is scheduled on-site at your corporate location or nationally and internationally via webinar.

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Executive Coaching for Leaders

Mary Lee Gannon, CAE coaches executives and professionals to develop their unique Leadership Impact. Many of Mary Lee’s clients are national and international and are coached via telephone or teleconference.

Speaking, Training & Consulting

Your team is great but can’t hear the right message from their stakeholders, address what’s at the heart of their needs or execute effectively when they are on autopilot. Complacency is where innovation takes a back seat to routine, where listening is not hearing, where discomfort spurs retreat to a holding pattern versus a breakthrough to reinvention. Find out more

What has waiting cost you and your company?

You are a skillful leader moving into the next phase of leadership development. Stagnation has cost you and your organization time, money, personal satisfaction, and freedom. Employee engagement is crucial to your company’s success as are results. You are moving bureaucracy, doubt, personal agendas, lack of trust and depleted enthusiasm out of the way for a more mission focused organization with a clear vision. Lack of a plan and fear have held this back long enough. Disappointment, unmet expectations, and resentment will no longer hover. You are developing a mindful leadership impact, goals, influence, metrics, professional image, skills, focus, and contacts. You have the energy to make a change and we are your guide. You read about what Google and General Mills did with mindfulness training but don’t know how to start that in your company. You have decided that you and your team have been on autopilot long enough.  Now you are ready to take action to have a plan that delivers the freedom that comes from mindful management.