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Twelve Mindful Ways to Influence People to Pick You

  1. Build self-awareness so as to distinguish your unique presence as an industry expert. Confidence!
  2. Focus on people, not process. Connect!
  3. Communicate a clear line of sight and accountability in the midst of challenge. Vision!
  4. Test courage not fear disguised as patience. Character!
  5. Focus on long term outcomes but respect the present. Notice!
  6. Maximize potential not adhere to standards. Opportunity!
  7. Transform – don’t transact. Big Picture!
  8. Grow and educate – not indoctrinate and maintain. Influence!
  9. Catalyze innovation by performance not efficiency and compliance. Measure!
  10. Focus on solutions, not problems and head trash. Positivity!
  11. Expand influence and break through unknowns. Innovate!
  12. Yes, there are others who “do” what you do. Identify the one thing that resonates with you that only you can deliver in a transformational way because of who you are. It aligns your values, strengths, character and vision. (I help you nail that one first so that other things start falling into place. You develop all of these so that there is no doubt as to where you are meant to serve the world and can start enjoying the freedom of happiness.)