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Just Released: Reinvent You – From Welfare to CEO

Just Released: Reinvent You – From Welfare to CEO

by Mary Lee Gannon

“Every New Year’s Eve people set what they think are goals that are never reached,” said Mary Lee. ‘I will lose weight,’ or ‘I will get a new job,’ are not goals they are notions. The let-down of not achieving these perceived goals conditions you to set lower reaching goals the next year: ‘I will not swear.’ ‘I will stop drinking coffee.’ Then when you can’t even stick with these lower-bar goals you stop setting goals all together because what’s the point.

“As a CEO I know that notions don’t come true. Measurable goals that are grounded in values married with accountability makes things happen. Would you go on a voyage to a place you’ve never been without a map? Would you take the time to read a map to a place you knew nothing about? Would you be interested at all in maps or travel if you didn’t have the time or money to enjoy them? Of course not.”

Reinvent You – From Welfare to CEO  is not just another general self-help book. It delivers a personal plan – full of pages to write individual answers to the guided questions that uncover values, strengths and vision. The book holds the techniques, strategies and exercises Mary Lee uses with her clients to help them get better jobs, relationships and fulfillment. It is for people who are: idle in their career, in need of executive presence, entrepreneurs in a flat business, chilled from divorce, unable to just move on, void of life purpose, missing healthy relationships, afraid “empty nest” means “empty future.”

“Most people see the future pretty much like the present +/- 10%,” said Mary Lee. “Big change requires big thinking coupled with strategy.  It demands a transformation from the head trash that holds you back to clarity with a succinct plan. In this conversion, you swap your guarded and overwhelmed exterior for vulnerability and openness to intimacy and opportunity.”

Mary Lee wrote this book because she has seen many people lose money, relationships, freedom, autonomy, jobs, businesses and more chasing one-dimensional notions. Or they don’t know exactly what to do next and waste a lot of time and energy trying to figure it out.

You can’t find the clarity to soar in your career or business if you don’t have nirvana in your personal life,” said Mary Lee. “Stop busying yourself with unproductive tasks, answer the difficult questions and listen to the silence as fulfillment unfolds in front of you.”

Why Most Resolutions and Goals Fail  

1. They are merely notions.
2. People figure they need to do something new to create change in their lives so they look at what culture defines as “happy” and dream big.  This is like planning to climb Mount Everest in Stilettos.
3. Their goal is to “get” something when if they were grounded in values and open they would already be attracting what fulfills them.
4. There is no plan to get there.  Would you go on a trip without a map, itinerary and resources?

Four Strategies to Rock Your Year

1. Spend time uncovering what truly matters to you. When do you feel you are at your best? When do people ask you for help? Who said that climbing Mount Everest is what we all aspire to do anyway?
2. Transform head trash by sitting with your fears and desensitizing. What you run from runs your life.
3. Optimize your environment. You will go as far as the five people you are closes to. Who do you want to spend more time with? Who will help hold you accountable to your plan?
4. Imagine it is December 31st 2014.  What one thing will you have accomplished to say it was a spectacular year!  What is the first thing you need to do to get there?

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