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by Mary Lee Gannon
This week I had the good fortune to attend an award ceremony for a dear friend. As I walked into the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh I was struck by this beautiful image. As I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and stared at the clouds reflected in the glass windows it made me think of all the people on the different floors of the hotel and what all of them were thinking and doing. People on the street stared at me was I took the photo. But then they started looking at this wonder themselves. It occurred to me that [...]

Stop Being Defensive with Four Mindful Strategies

by Mary Lee Gannon
Defensiveness is simply a war mindset in a non-war situation. Sometimes we react defensively when we feel threatened, intimidated, vulnerable and that failure is imminent even when the issue doesn’t call for extreme behavior. A trigger fast forwards the mind to how you MIGHT experience a dreaded feeling so the defensive gremlin shows up to protect you. It’s like practicing failure in advance. Once the defensive gremlin is unleashed it is very difficult to soften to a more rational perspective. Fight-or-flight takes over and the defensive gremlin keeps dancing in front of your eyes, reminding you to armor up against [...]