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8 Tips to DISCOVER Mindful Influence

D – Decide to Change. Talk about what you are changing. Write it down. Be self-aware without judgment. Keep a gratitude journal.
I – Investigate Yourself. What have you forgotten about your strengths? What do you observe in silence? What do you value? What do you love?
S – Sit on Your Ego. Say nothing. Listen only. Forgive. Be kind to the unkind. They need it most.
C – Confront Doubt. What fear is running your life? Welcome in limiting beliefs to desensitize to them.
O – Out Your Anxiety. Anxiety if practicing failure in advance. It is outside of you. Who are you without that thought?
V – Visualize Your Success. In one year what will have happened for this to have been a great year? Pick an image, memory, saying that motivates you.
E – Execute Affirmations. Write, recite and live “I am” statements: “I am a revered leader.” “I am healthy.” “I am grateful.” “I am compassionate.” Say them out loud every night before you go to sleep.
R – Realize the Moment. Get off the treadmill. Wake up from autopilot. Lean into vulnerability. Accept what is without judgment. Celebrate the magic of now.

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